Sunday, February 26, 2012

America Scavenger Adventure... Hawaii

Today I went to Sl. I talk to AISHAURBE, she is an English teacher as well as Pionia, she said me the new adventure "America Scavenger Adventure". It is like a rally, I have to visit 3 places, talk to people and write the conversation on my blog.

Aishaurbe and me.. 

The first place that I visited is Hawaii, Here I talk to two very peculiar people "mєllч and Gideon Silentghost" they are crazy!...

Arriving at Hawaii
And in this picture my crazy friends....

Talk In the beach

12:01] alanciato: hi
[12:01] Gideon Silentghost: greetings
[12:01] mєllч: hello
[12:02] alanciato: I study English in SL, we can talk for a moment?
[12:02] Gideon Silentghost: ok
[12:03] mєllч: suree ;p
[12:03] alanciato: that you did yesterday?
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: we just be chill like villans and narling da hang ten
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: well yesterday we were stalking giant nuclear infested rabbits and .... playing lazer tag ..
[12:04] mєllч: yup you catch are drift home dog?
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: ya know the usual
[12:05] Gideon Silentghost: typical sl ...slien behaviors
[12:05] alanciato: if I know the basics
[12:06] alanciato: I live in a tropical country+++
[12:06] Gideon Silentghost: see we're not dat fluent in english ourselves ... we speak gibberish most times
[12:06] Gideon Silentghost: kinda like a secret juju code
[12:06] mєllч: yeah like thos epurple monkeys who ate our pies
[12:07] Gideon Silentghost: banana cream pies AHOY ..... !
[12:07] mєllч: with extra cream!
[12:07] Gideon Silentghost: \\\\\\\\\\ HEH HEH HOO //////////
[12:07] alanciato: hahahaa interesting..
[12:08] alanciato: i from venezuela
[12:08] alanciato: know a venezuela?
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: I know translyvania .... and virginia ... and alot of places ending with A ...but not venezuela
[12:09] mєllч: i think me and my uncle are gonna go do the dirty dirty with some octopuses gardens and those banna cream pies
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: antartica even
[12:09] mєllч: banana*
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: the eight tentacle arms are too delicious to resist
[12:09] alanciato: O.o hahahaha
[12:09] mєllч: expecially when they shoot our there raspberry goo
[12:10] mєllч: all over our nibblets
[12:10] alanciato: what is nibblets
[12:10] Gideon Silentghost: oh where would we be without raspberry goober....... what a life .... don;t forget the norkin and the hobbley gobble
[12:11] mєllч: what about the snargle blop?
[12:11] Gideon Silentghost: well see those are forbidden little something or others .... we have a hard time speaking of taboo
[12:11] Gideon Silentghost: the snargle blop! gasps .... shhhhhh .... don;t tell him about dat ....
[12:11] alanciato: amm ok
[12:12] mєllч: opps my doogle blarg
[12:12] mєllч: bbb
[12:12] Gideon Silentghost: dats ..... so naughty !
[12:12] mєllч: brb*
[12:12] alanciato: I can post this conversation on my blog?
[12:12] Gideon Silentghost: ***aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa****
[12:13] Gideon Silentghost: well I say dis is gbberish so many will not understand this
[12:13] Gideon Silentghost: even the most creative language masters have a hard time translating our words
[12:14] alanciato: no matter
[12:14] Gideon Silentghost: °*°•☀ ツ HEHEHI HI HA HA  HAAA ツ ☀•°*°
[12:14] alanciato: i know hahaha
[12:15] alanciato: bye!

as they could see, I was really scared..! hahaha

Thursday, February 16, 2012


January 22, when we were some in SL. we found to Kip Yellowjacket, he is a professor of languages​​, as pionia. We showed his the land VIRTLANTIS. is a great way to practice English and any other language, has many tools for teachers and students learn a language. is incredible... Thank to Kip...

In this photo her costume to Jack Sparrow, and we are in black pearl :D

In this photo: Kip, me and Pionia

Firework KP

This song "Firework" by Katy Perry is beautiful. speak about life, about how we should face it with courage first of all, teaches us that in us there is a light, a firework that could fly only if we believe in ourselves. My favorite lines of the song are the same for all these years, for example: “You don't have to feel like a waste of space, you're original, cannot be replaced” and "Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed. So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road". Observe the little stories related on video.
Lyrics to the song
here I leave them the link to watch the video...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Il blog di alan

Hello World, In this blog I will post my school homework for Level 5. I will use it to practice writing, listening, speaking and reading. Also, I will share it with my classmates and people from the world.

My name’s Alberto Lanciato but you can call me Alan in SL. I’m from
Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, I’m 21 years old and I study public accountant at URBE . My favorite subjects are all administration and English. This trimester I am taking 6 classes and I am in the 6th trimester.
I love music -> Mana, Red Cross, playing video game, driving my car, SL, studying English and Italian, talking on the phone with my friends; Eat Italian food. I also enjoy going out with my friends.

I hate violence, war, injustice.. all the bad xD
My dream is to travel around the world, Graduate fast and work in a important company.

Today in Second Life 20/01/12

First day in SL C511

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Project level III

final project level III


This has been the worst experience with MYELT in the last year. all the answers marked as incorrect when it is not well. is a nightmare. I hope that the teacher take into mind this... the first four activities are in my other home. not be able to upload.

will not continue missing my time trying to make this work...

Second Life

This month the teacher and I were walking for many places in SL. many students did not attend. I think that is wrong because they lose many opportunities to learn the language. I want to thank the teacher for teaching with such dedication. I think I'veimproved by 400% my conosimientos of English. now awaits us tomorrow for our final project DEFENSE. many thanks to FML CENTER!

I have no photos in this pc on the activities of SL

only this with my facebook