Sunday, February 26, 2012

America Scavenger Adventure... Hawaii

Today I went to Sl. I talk to AISHAURBE, she is an English teacher as well as Pionia, she said me the new adventure "America Scavenger Adventure". It is like a rally, I have to visit 3 places, talk to people and write the conversation on my blog.

Aishaurbe and me.. 

The first place that I visited is Hawaii, Here I talk to two very peculiar people "mєllч and Gideon Silentghost" they are crazy!...

Arriving at Hawaii
And in this picture my crazy friends....

Talk In the beach

12:01] alanciato: hi
[12:01] Gideon Silentghost: greetings
[12:01] mєllч: hello
[12:02] alanciato: I study English in SL, we can talk for a moment?
[12:02] Gideon Silentghost: ok
[12:03] mєllч: suree ;p
[12:03] alanciato: that you did yesterday?
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: we just be chill like villans and narling da hang ten
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: well yesterday we were stalking giant nuclear infested rabbits and .... playing lazer tag ..
[12:04] mєllч: yup you catch are drift home dog?
[12:04] Gideon Silentghost: ya know the usual
[12:05] Gideon Silentghost: typical sl ...slien behaviors
[12:05] alanciato: if I know the basics
[12:06] alanciato: I live in a tropical country+++
[12:06] Gideon Silentghost: see we're not dat fluent in english ourselves ... we speak gibberish most times
[12:06] Gideon Silentghost: kinda like a secret juju code
[12:06] mєllч: yeah like thos epurple monkeys who ate our pies
[12:07] Gideon Silentghost: banana cream pies AHOY ..... !
[12:07] mєllч: with extra cream!
[12:07] Gideon Silentghost: \\\\\\\\\\ HEH HEH HOO //////////
[12:07] alanciato: hahahaa interesting..
[12:08] alanciato: i from venezuela
[12:08] alanciato: know a venezuela?
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: I know translyvania .... and virginia ... and alot of places ending with A ...but not venezuela
[12:09] mєllч: i think me and my uncle are gonna go do the dirty dirty with some octopuses gardens and those banna cream pies
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: antartica even
[12:09] mєllч: banana*
[12:09] Gideon Silentghost: the eight tentacle arms are too delicious to resist
[12:09] alanciato: O.o hahahaha
[12:09] mєllч: expecially when they shoot our there raspberry goo
[12:10] mєllч: all over our nibblets
[12:10] alanciato: what is nibblets
[12:10] Gideon Silentghost: oh where would we be without raspberry goober....... what a life .... don;t forget the norkin and the hobbley gobble
[12:11] mєllч: what about the snargle blop?
[12:11] Gideon Silentghost: well see those are forbidden little something or others .... we have a hard time speaking of taboo
[12:11] Gideon Silentghost: the snargle blop! gasps .... shhhhhh .... don;t tell him about dat ....
[12:11] alanciato: amm ok
[12:12] mєllч: opps my doogle blarg
[12:12] mєllч: bbb
[12:12] Gideon Silentghost: dats ..... so naughty !
[12:12] mєllч: brb*
[12:12] alanciato: I can post this conversation on my blog?
[12:12] Gideon Silentghost: ***aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa****
[12:13] Gideon Silentghost: well I say dis is gbberish so many will not understand this
[12:13] Gideon Silentghost: even the most creative language masters have a hard time translating our words
[12:14] alanciato: no matter
[12:14] Gideon Silentghost: °*°•☀ ツ HEHEHI HI HA HA  HAAA ツ ☀•°*°
[12:14] alanciato: i know hahaha
[12:15] alanciato: bye!

as they could see, I was really scared..! hahaha

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