Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is my life.. :D

Hi, my name is Alberto Lanciato and this is my blog. 'll post here all the activities of the N311 English class in URBE. my teacher is Doris Molero.


My Friends

This photo shows a class activity, it shows my team of English,  Niquelli Duarte likes listening to music, dancing with friends and watching movie, lives in Maracaibo, studied industrial relations, she is a 20 years old and speaks Spanish and some English. 
Elyzabeth Gutierres,  like eat, dance and talk with friends. has 20 years old, studying public accountant and lives in Maracaibo and speaks Spanish and some English.

 This is my book!  >>-------->

Writing a Poem

This poem reflects my deepest feelings, I love my friends <3

Walking in SL

This is my Avatar "alanciato" in SL, looking for the teacher....


Firework KP

I think It is so great how Katy Perry does all this crazy fireworks coming out from her body, I liked the video because It’s full of especial effects very well synchronized with the lyrics and with what’s going on at the moment they show. I loved Katy Perry herself, she is amazing.

There’s a time when she sang “You don't have to feel like a waste of space, you're original, cannot be replaced”, good message. The whole song is about self-esteem, It’s about how we can find the power to keep going and make every day better that the last one, we have to look inside for that firework ready to blow, that’s the key to cheer us up.

The world is RED

Last week I was studying so hard to my math test which was the following day, but when the day comes I realize it was English exam, not math exam. For a moment I saw red, but then I chill out and just start doing it with what I remembered from class, I tried to copy, but then I got scared with the fact of being caught red-handed, so I just did it all by myself ...  And today, my teacher gave me back my exam and to my surprise, I got a 20!!!... So now I'm going to paint the town red all night with my friends!

The Calvary Of MYELT

These image are of my homework...

English Party in SL

This day was very special. danced many songs from all eras, there were many people from various countries, i interview teacher Simon; this is we speak:

[10:43] alanciato: hi simon., i need ask question for my english class
[10:43] alanciato: what's your name?
[10:43] Simon Seurat: yes , maybe I can answer it
[10:43] Simon Seurat: Simon
[10:44] alanciato: where are you from?
[10:44] Simon Seurat: from the UK
[10:44] alanciato: england?
[10:44] Simon Seurat: yes
[10:44] alanciato: okok ;:D
[10:44] alanciato: what's your country like?
[10:45] Simon Seurat: raining and cold at the moment lol
[10:45] alanciato: what class do you teach?
[10:45] Simon Seurat: oh I am not a teacher
[10:45] Simon Seurat: just DJing for the party
[10:46] alanciato: mm
[10:46] alanciato: how old are you?
[10:46] Simon Seurat: 41
[10:49] alanciato: you are DJ in real life?
[10:49] Simon Seurat: no , only in SL
[10:50] alanciato: thanks simon..

 This is Simon  -----------> 

This day dancing "all star" by Smash Mouth, "hung up" by Madona, "firework" by KP
among others.

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