Monday, March 14, 2011

I now speak more than English! :P

  • To  get to Farmatodo to URBE.

Walk on C2 to Fuerzas Armadas Avenue. Turn left and walk to 43 street and turn right, walk 50Mts. Farmatodo is on the right, on the corner, next to Chevrolet, across from "ferretotal". 

  • To get to Doral Center Mall to URBE.

Walk on C2 to Fuerzas Armadas Avenue. Turn Right and walk 200mts DC is on de Left between "Ferretotal" and The portal neighborhood.

  • To get to 43 street and Fuerzas Armadas Avenue  to 51A street .
Walk 9 blok and turn Left and walk 50mts.


Yesterday were Pionia, the teacher of Russia and other friends the SL made the crossing to search a Excalibur, Merlin we were guiding for the island. 3 hours after swimming under sea, walking around haunted houses and haunted caves finally found the magic words to get the sword "Excalibur" from the stone.


¿To live ecologically?

To care for the planet, to breathe, to drink, to have a future, to live..... we need to to create awareness, create a new culture. For many years our parents were destroying the planet, Now our turn to us to try to repair the damage. this is the only way. together we can make. think green

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